Mission & Vision


Belonging, Learning, Transforming Lives


A Christ-centred, Bible based, joy filled school, providing opportunities for academic excellence; equipping and nurturing students to become life long learners who know Jesus Christ and share His Word, His grace and His love with all people.


“Providing a Christ-Centred Community, equipping the whole child”














We are Christ-centred and mission focused.

Our fundamental purpose as a Christian school involves reaching out to children and families, both those who know Christ and those who do not yet know Him. Our school winsomely shares the love of Christ with our students, and boldly proclaims the good news- integrating and modeling the faith in all that we do.


We are grace centred and joy filled.

Our response to God’s grace calls us to reflect this grace and joy in our relationships with students and families. We truly care and every action we take and interaction we have reflects this Christ-like care. We intentionally build community in our classroom and foster relationships with our students by getting to know them personally, showing interest, communicating care, and a positive and nurturing attitude. We model forgiveness and look to maintain and repair relationships with and among students.


We are a community of learners.

Our response to God’s saving grace calls us to strive for excellence in all that we do. We honour God and serve our families and children by providing the best possible education for all of our students, meeting all of their needs.  Meeting these needs is accomplished as a team, rather than individually. We are a team in which professional learning is a priority, where collaboration and collegial dialogue is the norm.

  • We value relationships with our students and their families.
  • We value partnering with parents.
  • We value a sense of community in our school.
  • We value a strong connection to Zion Lutheran Church.
  • We value a diversity of backgrounds.
  • We value active and meaningful learning experiences in our classrooms and school.
  • We value learning, collaboration and teamwork as a staff.