Early Learning Programs

Cloverdale Christian Early learning Programs partners with parents to provide the environment and opportunities that promote early learning experiences for your child. The goal of our Early Learning Programs are to foster a child’s development by creating a nurturing, safe environment where play, oral language, exploration, and creativity are a part of each child’s learning experience. Our licensed ECE teachers place a priority on your child building friendships, pro-social skills, and a sense of belonging. Above all, your child is cared for and loved as a child of God. Each day your child hears and knows that Jesus loves them. 


Our Early Learning Programs and ECE teachers are often the first point of contact our school has with families and children. It is for us, the most important contact in which we have the opportunity to begin to partner with families. At CCS, we value parents as partners. As a family and parent you have the most important role in promoting your child’s well-being and development – their physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth. Our purpose as a school is to work together with parents and families to help children grow and learn, both as unique individuals and as members of our larger school community.