Cloverdale-Christian-OCT-2014-186Registration at Cloverdale Christian School is open first to children and families that are currently enrolled in the school.  Admission is then open to children and families that will be attending CCS for the first time.


All new students and parents that are applying for registration will first meet with the principal to better understand the purpose and educational programs of the school. All students are required to complete an educational assessment to help determine the child’s learning needs. It is at the discretion of the principal for students to be admitted to school part way through the school year.


All new students admitted to the school are accepted on a probationary status. This probationary period allows for an evaluation of the school’s ability to meet the learning needs of each child as well determining if a student if able to meet expectations of the school’s Code of Conduct and fully participate in all school programs. Normally, this probationary time will end after the first report card or the student’s first three months of school attendance. Parents will be notified should the probationary period need to be extended. During this probationary period the principal reserves the right to demit a student from the school.